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It all started when I was a kid and didn't even realize it until my mid 30's. I realized that my grandfather (Mr. Roy Lee Harris) had taught me how to use my hands to make the world a better place.  Mr. Harris owned a few pieces of land and he would turn them into gardens so he could grow his own food. 

He grew vegetables/fruits, planted flowers, and was well known for removing weeds from nature's foundation. I wanted to hang out with my friends and play basketball instead of learning something that Mother Nature would cherish me for dearly.


 After college, I spent years working for some of the top companies in America. One day I woke up and felt it was time to start a business on my own so I could be around my family more and make a name for MYSELF! My grandfather's voice was in my head saying, It's time you put everything together you are passionate about and make sure you also implement everything I taught you."   I came up with Urban Luxury LLC.  A company that values making the world more sustainable in numerous ways. A business that takes pride in making your yard a yard that gives you great vibes every time you look at it. See the video below. These jobs were the first jobs I performed before taking on multiple reputable assignments.

-Christopher T.

Let Urban Luxury prove to you that you'll be more than happy when your yard is clean and complete!!!

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